How Cape Closet works:

    Cape Closet collects beautiful dresses that have may never be worn again.  Then we hold a big giveaway and invite all high school students!  Come try on a dress or just bring it home.  Our only rule is one dress per student.

    High school girls can also arrange private appointments to pick out a dress! Contact us

Ellie Garfield, Caroline Garfield, Kelly O'Sullivan, Elise Mullen, and Maddie Stephen

Fun before the shoot

Our favorite photographer, Patti Locke

It's Teens Helping Teens...

Painting the dress rack

The Northeast has the highest prom costs in the country

Setting up for a Dress Give Away

mission & vision

Cape Closet is a student run club at Cape Elizabeth High School.  Our goal is to repurpose gently used formal dresses and give them to high school girls.  Dresses are available to any  high school student in any town.

"The dress fit her perfectly; it was made for her.  It was flattering in every way.  She looked in the mirror and then back at me, beaming.  I knew she felt beautiful.  I asked if this was the one, and she nodded profusely. Together, we packed the dress into a bag for her to take home."

​                                  - Zoe Gillies, founder

Past Dress Drives:​  Cape Elizabeth High School, Yarmouth High School, Scarborough High School, Cape Elizabeth Community Services, Ann Veronica, SMCC, Empire Beauty School


Getting dresses ready for a photo shoot

Repurposing prom dresses is good for the planet.